The Charleston Area Alliance contracted with Terri to assist us in planning for a Business Improvement District in the Slack Plaza area of downtown.  Her expertise and patience led us through a very smooth campaign to pass a city ordinance forming the City Center Business Improvement District.  This BID is now the only operating BID in West Virginia.
Susie Salisbury, Charleston Area Alliance
Submitted on: 11/27/2021


I’ve worked with Terri Cutright over the past two and a half years at the Morgantown Area Partnership and simply couldn’t have done it without her. Her qualities are too numerous to mention and she operates with a high level of professionalism and team spirit. If you want to get the job done, on-time, within budget and correctly; Terri is the person to call.

Russell N. Rogerson, President & CEO, Morgantown Area Partnership
Submitted on: 11/10/2021


Thank you Terri.  You did a great job at the retreat and summarizing the results.  The feedback I have received has been excellent.  I look forward to our next chance to work together.
Greg Morris
Submitted on: 9/27/2017
President & CEO, PACE Enterprises, Inc.


Terri worked on our Recreation and Tourism Market Analysis and because of her expertise she was able to provide our community with a study and an implementation plan that can make the City of Hinton a top tourist destination. Because she worked in community implementation she knows how to come up with a plan that really can be implemented by a city.

Cris Meadows

Submitted on: 10/09/2017
City Manager, Hinton West Virginia________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I have known and worked with Terri for over 25 years. We worked together in her capacity as Morgantown Main Street Director and my duties as Design Consultant for the WV State program. We have also worked on other ventures, both in and out of the Main Street community. She has always maintained the utmost professionalism in all of her undertakings. But most of all, her ardor underscores the professionalism and her enthusiasm pervades all she undertakes. There is no better advocate for your project. Working with Terri is always a pleasure and enjoyable. I am proud to call Terri a colleague and friend.

Mike Gioulis

Submitted on: 2/17/2016
President, Michael Gioulis Historic Preservation Consultant

Terri’s considerable downtown revitalization experience made her an invaluable partner in developing an economic development plan for Friendsville, MD. She worked with my firm to create innovative strategies that tap into the surrounding tourism based economy, including marketing opportunities to attract new residents and visitors. She has a great understanding of how small towns can reinvent themselves into places that represent the best of what an area has to offer.

Terrell Ellis

Submitted on: 2/17/2016
President, Terrell Ellis & Associates

For eighteen years, as the City Manager of Morgantown WV, I was pleased to work with Terri Cutright in her capacity as Executive Director of Main Street Morgantown. During that time, I knew her to be a talented, creative administrator known to get things done that otherwise would not have happened. She was also very effective in forming short and long term partnerships that very well served the City. As a result of her many good works, Downtown Morgantown today is a prosperous, economic hub of the City while retaining all the features of its rich heritage. Terri’s contributions to Morgantown are very much appreciated.

Dan Boroff

Submitted on: 2/8/2016
City Manager, City of Morgantown, WV

I have worked professionally with Terri for over 25 years. She is a dedicated community development, economic development, marketing, planning and preservation professional. Recently I had the pleasure of contracting with Terri for our Planners R Us project and a young talent research project. Her work exceeded our expectations and met our tight timeline for completion.

Susie Salisbury

Submitted on: 1/29/2016
VP Community Development, Charleston Area Alliance

I met Terri at Certification Institute in 1998. She was outgoing and friendly, and I immediately learned the extent of her Main Street knowledge. Terri and I have often brainstormed ideas or run things by one another. She is a critical thinker, and her commitment to success is unwavering.

While I was State Coordinator for the Ohio Main Street program, I had Terri speak on her Town/Gown experience at our State Conference. The attendees gained valuable insight from her and left with new ideas to move forward.

I consider Terri Cutright to be one of the best Main Street Directors in the country. She is someone that knows Main Street forward and backwards and is a fabulous resource. Her work ethic is unmatched and she will get the job done.

Pauline Eaton

Submitted on: 1/19/2016
Administrator, Orlando Main Streets

I came to work for the City about 8 months ago and have had the privilege to get acquainted with Terri and her work. She has become a great resource for the City. I love her energy and passion and willingness to help us address tough issues. Thanks Terri!

Jim Spencer

Submitted on: 1/14/2016
Community & Economic Development Director, City of Bluefield, WV